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Vol. 29
Issue 3(89)

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Prace oryginalne
Original papers

ŽIC, E. (0000-0002-5626-8394), BANKO, P., LEŠNIK, L.: Hydraulic analysis of gate valve using computational fluid dynamics (CFD)

SINGOVSZKA, E., BALINTOVA, M.: Year over year comparison of sediment quality in the rivers of Eastern Slovakia

MAJER, S. (0000-0003-2476-1982): Flow coefficient of the aggregates as a parameter characterizing the suitability of non-cohesive soils for earthworks

GWIZDAŁA, K., WIĘCŁAWSKI , P. (0000-0002-8681-7083): Displacement piles – classification and new methods for the calculation of bearing capacity

AL-JAWADI, A.S. (0000-0002-0184-1034), ABDUL BAQI, Y.T. (0000-0003-0195-9865), SULAIMAN, A.M. (0000-0002-7424-8514): Qualifying the geotechnical and hydrological characteristic of the Bandawaya stream valley – Northern Iraq

AHMED, M.F. (0000-0003-0414-0409): The performance assessment of reverse osmosis stations at Al-Mahalabea area

ORIBI, M.O., ABDULKAREEM, A.K. (0000-0003-2103-0295): Scenarios to reduce evaporation from class A evaporation pan by using windbreaks

NAIF, S.S. (0000-0002-3793-1162), HADI, N.M. (0000-0001-8632-8813), AL-JIBOOR, M.H. (0000-0002-0816-3918): Study of temporal variations of nocturnal and daytime urban heat island in Baghdad

CAR-PUŠIĆ, D. (0000-0003-2555-335X), TIJANIĆ, K., MAROVIĆ, I., MLAĐEN, M.: Predicting buildings construction cost overruns on the basis of cost overruns structure

RADZISZEWSKA-ZIELINA, E. (0000-0002-3237-4360), KURAJ, F.: Transparent insulation materials market in Europe

TRACH, R. (0000-0001-6654-9870), BUSHUYEV, S. (0000-0002-7815-8129): Analysis communication network of construction project participants