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Vol. 29
Issue 3(89)

Title: Scenarios to reduce evaporation from class A evaporation pan by using windbreaks

Authors (ORCID): ORIBI, M.O., ABDULKAREEM, A.K. (0000-0003-2103-0295)

Keywords: evaporation basin, windbreaks natural, open water bodies, wind speed

Abstract: Evaporation from reservoirs and lakes is an important processes frequently occurring in dry, hot regions such as Iraq. In order to preserve the environment and to reduce the amount of evaporation from open water bodies in this study, simulation was performed to reduce evaporation from evaporation basin class A by using windbreaks natural (Conocarpus trees). Three basic scenarios were made that depended on the values of the atmospheric elements affecting the evaporation process in summer according to the modified Penman equation for the conditions of Iraq, the climate factors are temperature, solar radiation, wind speed, dew point, and the effect of the number of windbreaks and their height was also introduced in sub- scenario. Experiments have shown that the best sub-scenario for all basic scenarios is when the windbreaks are placed in a direct direction to the wind blowing on the evaporation basin in the form of three rows, each row contains three trees where the windbreaks are in case cross and the height of the trees is 100 cm and the distance between each tree and another, and between each row and row 15 × 15 cm, the results of this subscenario recorded the highest rate of evaporation reduction up to 35% of its original value before using windbreaks.

DOI: 10.22630/PNIKS.2020.29.3.29

APA style references: Oribi, M.O. & Abdulkareem, A.K. (2020). Scenarios to reduce evaporation from class A evaporation pan by using windbreaks. Scientific Review Engineering and Environmental Sciences, 29 (3), 343-354. doi: 10.22630/PNIKS.2020.29.3.29

APA style citation in text: The first time citation in text: (Oribi & Abdulkareem, 2020), next citation: (Oribi & Abdulkareem, 2020)

Chicago style references: Oribi, Mustafa O., Asraa K. Abdulkareem. "Scenarios to reduce evaporation from class A evaporation pan by using windbreaks." Scientific Review Engineering and Environmental Sciences, 89 ser., vol. 29, no 3, (2020): 343-354. doi: 10.22630/PNIKS.2020.29.3.29.

Chicago style citation in text: (Oribi, and Abdulkareem 2020)

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