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Vol. 29
Issue 2(88)

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Prace oryginalne
Original papers

ANSORGE, L. (0000-0003-3963-8290), STEJSKALOVÁ, L. (0000-0003-2271-7574), DLABAL, J. (0000-0002-2401-2917), ČEJKA, E.: Wpływ oczyszczalni ścieków na redukcję zanieczyszczeń odprowadzanych w czeskiej części dorzecza Odry
Effect of wastewater treatment plants to the reduction of pollution discharged in the Czech part of the Odra river

EWAID, S.H., AL-FARHANI, B.F., ABED, S.A. (0000-0001-7347-3843), AL-ANSARI, N.: Modeling of trihalomethane compounds formation in Baghdad water supply network

AL-MANSORI, N.J.H. (0000-0002-8921-7868), AL-FATLAWI, T.J.M. (0000-0001-8427-0400), OTHMAN, N.Y. (0000-0002-1908-2080): Stochastic analysis for prediction of future performance of Mosul storage

AHMED, S.M. (0000-0002-0965-3433), TAHA, O.M.E. (0000-0003-4922-7778), NAJEMALDEN, M.A., AHMED, R.T., ABEDULWAHAB, A.A.: Assessment of Lower Zab river water quality using both Canadian Water Quality Index Method and NSF Water Quality Index Method

AHMED, M.F. (0000-0003-0414-0409), FAISAL, R.M.: GIS based modeling of GWQ assessment at Al-Shekhan area using AHP and SAW techniques

ABDULFATTAH, I.S. (0000-0001-8543-4112), RAJAB, J.M., AL-SALIHI, A.M. (0000-0002-6945-767X), SULIMAN, A., LIM, H.S. (0000-0002-4835-8015): Observed vertical distribution of tropospheric carbon monoxide during 2012 over Iraq

AL-TAAI, O.T. (0000-0002-4747-214X), ABBOOD, Z.M. (0000-0003-4005-2510): Analysis of the convective available potential energy by precipitation over Iraq using ECMWF data for the period of 1989–2018

HASSAN, Z.M., AL-JIBOORI, M.H., AL-ABASSI, H.M.: Heat waves and health impact on human in Baghdad

FIGIEL, E., LECIEJ-PIRCZEWSKA, D.: Outer wall with thermal barrier. Impact of the barrier on heat losses and CO2 emissions

JABER, F.K., JASIM, N.A., AL-ZWAINY, F.M. (0000-0002-9948-6594): Forecasting techniques in construction industry: earned value indicators and performance models

MALARSKI, M. (0000-0002-9731-7092), KALENIK, M. (0000-0001-6184-1899): Purpose of the housing double stage polypropylene-carbon cartridges filters usage in bath gray water treatment

SUDJONO, H., PRATIKTO, ., SURACHMAN, ., SUGIONO, S.: The product strength analysis of woven bag made from recycled mineral water plastic cups based on the polypropylene content