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Przegląd Naukowy Inżynieria i Kształtowanie Środowiska
Vol. 28
Issue 4(86)

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Prace oryginalne
Original papers

RONDÓN-QUINTANA, H. (0000-0003-2946-9411), ZAFRA-MEJÍA, C. (0000-0002-4061-4897), CHAVES-PABÓN, S. (0000-0001-6950-9401): Performance characteristics and mechanical resistance of a hot mix asphalt using gilsonite and blast furnace slag

MAKKI, R.F. (0000-0002-7574-0682), ALALIKHAN, A.A. (0000-0001-5752-7362), AL-KATIB, H.A.: Load-defl ection behaviour of hybrid concrete flat slab

CHALECKI, M. (0000-0003-3451-458X), JAWORSKI, J., SZLACHETKA, O.: First natural frequency of multi-segment floor joists with variable cross section

BAGDASARYAN, V. (0000-0002-9589-1453), SZOŁUCHA, J.: Stationary heat conduction in a solid with functionally graded thermal properties

DHAHRI, R. (0000-0002-2211-934X), EZZINE, I. (0000-0001-9648-9514), GHANMI, M. (0000-0001-9475-1400): An experimental study of selected Jurassic carbonate samples from north-eastern Tunisia

WIŚNIEWSKI, K. (0000-0002-5859-1400), WITKOWSKA-DOBREV, J. (0000-0001-6613-5037): Material and design analysis of external baffles in inventory buildings with consideration of optimization of usable energy

HUD, V. (0000-0002-0355-3984), PINCHUK, O. (0000-0001-6566-0008), MARTYNIUK, P., GERASIMOV, I. (0000-0001-7194-8251), VOLK, P. (0000-0001-5736-8314): Mathematical modelling of heat transfer in a greenhouse with surface soil heating system

SNITYNSKYY, V. (0000-0001-9633-1004), KERNYTSKYY, I. (0000-0001-6084-1774), DIVEYEV, B. (0000-0001-5184-499X), HORBAY, O., BURTAK, V. (0000-0001-5099-6422), HUMENYUK, R. (0000-0001-7511-3673): Dynamic properties of screw-bolts connections of sowing machine

ANIOŁ, E. (0000-0002-5903-0592), MAJEWSKI, G. (0000-0002-0122-1409): Długoterminowe trendy widzialności oraz jej cechy charakterystyczne w wybranych regionach Polski
Long-term trends in visibility and its characteristics in selected regions of Poland

AL-GHRYBAWI, S.R., AL-JIBOORI, M.H.: Study of surface heat inversions characteristics around Baghdad station

SKÓRZEWSKI, W. (0000-0002-2070-9821): Potential of using greenery to reduce overheating of buildings in Polish climate conditions

BARYŁA, A. (0000-0002-9895-2741), KARCZMARCZYK, A. (0000-0002-1565-3501), BUS, A. (0000-0002-5661-1148), WITKOWSKA-DOBREV, J. (0000-0001-6613-5037): Surface temperature analysis of conventional roof and different use forms of the green roof

BURSZTA-ADAMIAK, E. (0000-0003-3755-2047), FIAŁKIEWICZ, W. (0000-0002-2517-5064): A review of green roof incentives as motivators for the expansion of green infrastructure in European cities

PAREDES, M. (0000-0002-3762-9633), CASTILLO, T. (0000-0002-3472-3456), VITERI, R. (0000-0002-7901-7360), FUENTES, G. (0000-0001-6088-5750), BODERO, E. (0000-0003-3807-5203): Microplastics in the drinking water of the Riobamba city, Ecuador

Prace naukowo-przeglądowe
Review papers

ŁUKASZKIEWICZ, J. (0000-0001-9574-7120), FORTUNA-ANTOSZKIEWICZ, B. (0000-0002-5004-2124), DŁUGOŃSKI, A. (0000-0001-9978-4981), WIŚNIEWSKI, P.: From the heap to the park – reclamation and adaptation of degraded urban areas for recreational functions in Poland

DMOCHOWSKI, T. (0000-0002-9926-0333): Green infrastructure as a disease prevention and rehabilitation tool