Title: Characteristic of soils in Zwoleńka River watershed


Keywords: watershed, soil type, soil suitability complex, agrochemical properties

Abstract: In the paper soil conditions in Zwoleńka river watershed were described. The analyses were performed on the basis of information collected by IUNG-PIB Puławy and results of agrochemical analysis of the soils representative for the given area. In Zwoleńka river watershed dominate light textured podsolic soils. The content of organic matter hesitates in the range of 1,0-2,0 %. In the majority soils show very acid or acid reaction and low or very low content of available phosphorus and potassium. Soil conditions for the agricultural production in studied watershed are weak, nevertheless arable soils predominate in this area. The way of of the weakest soils should be changed in the nearest future.

APA style references: Jadczyszyn, T., Igras, J., Nowocień, E., Podolski, B. & Wawer, R. (2011). Characteristic of soils in Zwoleńka River watershed. Scientific Review Engineering and Environmental Sciences, 20 (2), 119-129.

APA style citation in text: The first time citation in text: (Jadczyszyn, Igras, Nowocień, Podolski & Wawer, 2011), next citation: (Jadczyszyn et al., 2011)

Chicago style references: Jadczyszyn, Tamara, Janusz Igras, Eugeniusz Nowocień, Bogdan Podolski, Rafał Wawer. "Characteristic of soils in Zwoleńka River watershed." Scientific Review Engineering and Environmental Sciences, 52 ser., vol. 20, no 2, (2011): 119-129.

Chicago style citation in text: (Jadczyszyn et al. 2011)

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