The authors of the papers qualified for publishing are charged 125 Euros for 10 black and white pages of text (including abstract, tables, figures, etc.) meeting the format requirements presented in the Instruction for Authors. In the case of a exited volume text an additional charge of 12.5 Euro will be added for each additional commenced page (but no more than 13 pages). The text of a manuscript should contain all the required elements: summaries, tables, figures, complete list of all authors, complete affiliation of each author.

Color printing is combined with an additional fee calculated on a case-by-case basis. The editor reserves the right to reject a black-and-white text (without color surcharge), if the lack of color substantially limits the merit of the article (e.g. images from the thermal imaging camera).

A single invoice is issued for each article. There are no additional charges e.g. for submission, approval or review of the manuscript.

Transfer of the article to the editor indicates that the authors accept the above charges.