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Engineering and Environmental Sciences
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Przegląd Naukowy Inżynieria i Kształtowanie Środowiska
Vol. 30
Issue 3(93)


HASSAN, A.S., AZEEZ, H.M.: Relation between CO2 emissions and crude oil combustion in Iraq

NAIF, S.S., AL-RBAYEE, T., AL-JIBOORI, M.H.: Detecting the relations between meteorological elements and alpha and beta activity concentration at Al-Tuwaitha site, Baghdad

MUTER, S.A. (0000-0002-6728-9609), KADHUM, J.H., HASSAN, A.S.: Approaching of May maximum surface air temperature to characteristic summer season for Baghdad city

ALKURAYSHI, H.S.M. (0000-0002-2805-5260), JAWAD, A.K., DAWOOD, A.M., HAKIM S., A.: Longitudinal shear in composite deck slabs using corrugated steel sheets

DMYTRENKO, Y. (0000-0001-9737-943X), YAKOVENKO, I. (0000-0003-4256-9855), FESENKO, O. (0000-0001-8154-2239): Strength of eccentrically tensioned reinforced concrete structures with small eccentricities by normal sections

AL-JELAWY, H.M. (0000-0003-2465-794X), AL-RUMAITHI, A., FADHIL, A.T., NAJI, A.J.: Mesoscale modeling of fracture in cement and asphalt concrete

CHAFAT, O.H. (0000-0002-1566-5983), AL-GHURAB, S.B., AL-HUMEIDAWI, B.H.: Investigation the effect of newly used polymer modified bitumen on the performance of hot mix asphalt containing reclaimed asphalt pavement

OWAID, H.M. (0000-0001-7252-5875), AL-RUBAYE, M.M., AL-BAGHDADI, H.M.: Use of waste paper ash or wood ash as substitution to fly ash in production of geopolymer concrete

ESTU, L.K., SUSANTI, B. (0000-0002-6705-3591), HADINATA, F. (0000-0002-9637-006X): Operation and maintenance financial feasibility analysis of centralized domestic wastewater treatment system (case study: Palembang City Sewerage Project)

SAAD, N., AL-DULAIMI, S.: Removal of Meropenem by using Lemna minor

PAREDES, M. (0000-0002-3762-9633), LOPEZ, F., CASTILLO, T., ANDRADE, A., ARROBA, V.: Sustainable acoustic insulation for prefabricated concrete homes in Andean zones