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Engineering and Environmental Sciences
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Przegląd Naukowy Inżynieria i Kształtowanie Środowiska
Vol. 30
Issue 2(92)


AL-LAMI, A.M. (0000-0003-0641-5015), AL-TIMIMI, Y.K., AL-SHAMARTI, H.K.A.: Spatiotemporal analysis of some extreme rainfall indices over Iraq (1981–2017)

SURIYA, W. (0000-0003-2214-4294), CHUNPANG, P. (0000-0003-1721-1202), LAOSUWAN, T. (0000-0002-4231-9285): Patterns of relationship between PM10 from air monitoring quality station and AOT data from MODIS sensor onboard of Terra satellite

IDAN, I.J. (0000-0002-2791-4932), AL-RIFAIE, J.K., EWADH, H.M.: MgAl-LDH-biochar composites as a green sorbent for lead removal from water

FIKRI, E. (0000-0001-7196-6011), DJUHRIAH, N., HANURAWATY, N.Y.: Study on the utilization of electrocoagulation concept as a disinfectant substitute in hospital wastewater

QASIM, A.H. (0000-0002-4695-3021): Causes and side effects of changing water quality in Khassa-Chai river in Kirkuk, Iraq

AHMED, M.H. (0000-0002-6945-767X), AL-SALIHI, A.M., HUSSAIN, H.H. (0000-0002-5588-8030): Testing the performance of a solar energy cooling system in Baghdad city

AL-JETHELAH, M. (0000-0001-5383-7216), DEYAB, H., YASEEN, T. (0000-0003-2377-6787): Thermal performance of novel indirect passive solar dryer

SALEEM, H.D. (0000-0002-8725-4470), ALDEFAE, A.H., HUMAISH, W.H.: Verification of strength resistance of sandy soil using small scale penetrometer tests

KADHUM, M. (0000-0002-4732-3646), MAHDI, Z., FUNFAKH, Y., MOHAMMED, Z., ABDULRAHEEM, M., GKANTOU, M.: Experimental investigation on the post-fire performance of reactive powder concrete columns

SNITYNSKYY, V. (0000-0001-9633-1004), KERNYTSKYY, I. (0000-0001-6084-1774), DIVEYEV, B. (0000-0001-5184-499X), HORBAY, O. (0000-0002-0915-5637), FORNALCHYK, Y., HUMENUYK, R. (0000-0001-7511-3673), SHOLUDKO, Y. (0000-0001-5588-0066): Optimization of the semi-active vibration absorbers

MOKIY, A. (0000-0001-8455-1421), PYNDA, Y. (0000-0002-1431-2318), ILYASH, O. (0000-0002-7882-3942), PIKH, M. (0000-0003-4461-0364), PYNDA, R. (0000-0001-5326-9343): Characteristics of interconnections of construction sector and environment: regional study of Ukraine

AL-MASHHADANI, F.N. (0000-0003-4537-7832), ALSAFFAR, Q.S., AL-JADIR, I.A.: An enhanced krill herd optimization technique used for classification problem

FARHAN, S.L. (0000-0002-4460-1268), ANTÓN, D. (0000-0002-4267-2433), AKEF, V.S. (0000-0002-0822-8259), ZUBAIDI, S.L. (0000-0003-4229-9314), HASHIM, K.S. (0000-0001-9623-4060): Factors influencing the transformation of Iraqi holy cities: the case of Al-Najaf