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Vol. 28
Issue 1(83)

Title: Groundwater assessment at east side of Mosul City during 2014–2017


Keywords: groundwater quality (GWQ), attribute risk, weighted assessment, Epidemiological data

Abstract: This study assesses groundwater quality GWQ at the east side of Mosul city for different purposes during 2014–2017. Eighteen shallow wells distributed in residential areas are selected and assessed by analyzing their physical, chemical and biological properties. This study reviews the textures of sub-layers by using groundwater modelling system (GMS) to show the probability of infiltration of nearby wastewater and gray water. This study analyzes epidemiological data about diarrhea cases that were increased during that period and calculating the relative, attributed and odd risk. There are three types of assessment are conducted including ranking assessment, weighted assessment and geographical information systems (GIS) assessment. A final map is created to show the most suitable area for live stock and irrigation purposes. The results show that the studied groundwater samples are unsuitable for drinking. High damage can happen for crops with sensitivity for salinity. Most wells are acceptable for live stock purpose.

DOI: 10.22630/PNIKS.2019.28.1.4

APA style references: Al-Abedeen Al-Ozeer, A.Z. & Fakhraldeen Ahmed, M. (2019). Groundwater assessment at east side of Mosul City during 2014–2017. Scientific Review Engineering and Environmental Sciences, 28 (1), 35-48. doi: 10.22630/PNIKS.2019.28.1.4

APA style citation in text: The first time citation in text: (Al-Abedeen Al-Ozeer & Fakhraldeen Ahmed, 2019), next citation: (Al-Abedeen Al-Ozeer & Fakhraldeen Ahmed, 2019)

Chicago style references: Al-Abedeen Al-Ozeer, Ali Z., Mohammed Fakhraldeen Ahmed. "Groundwater assessment at east side of Mosul City during 2014–2017." Scientific Review Engineering and Environmental Sciences, 83 ser., vol. 28, no 1, (2019): 35-48. doi: 10.22630/PNIKS.2019.28.1.4.

Chicago style citation in text: (Al-Abedeen Al-Ozeer, and Fakhraldeen Ahmed 2019)

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