Title: Free vibrations of micro-non-homogeneous plate band


Keywords: plate band, natural frequency, displacement method

Abstract: The paper presents a procedure of calculation of natural frequencies of a micro-non-homogeneous plate band. The procedure bases on the displacement method – one of the classical methods of mechanics of constructions – and is alternative to the homogenization techniques. There were also presented the results of calculation obtained with this procedure. These results are consistent with the engineer’s intuition, what confirms that the calculation program is completed properly.

APA style references: Chalecki, M. & Jemielita, G. (2014). Free vibrations of micro-non-homogeneous plate band. Scientific Review Engineering and Environmental Sciences, 23 (4), 317-331.

APA style citation in text: The first time citation in text: (Chalecki & Jemielita, 2014), next citation: (Chalecki & Jemielita, 2014)

Chicago style references: Chalecki, Marek, Grzegorz Jemielita. "Free vibrations of micro-non-homogeneous plate band." Scientific Review Engineering and Environmental Sciences, 66 ser., vol. 23, no 4, (2014): 317-331.

Chicago style citation in text: (Chalecki, and Jemielita 2014)

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