Title: Semi-distributed model of basin in urban area


Keywords: ArcGIS, semi-distributed mathematical basin model, urban hydrology

Abstract: Paper treats on calibration and verification of the WetSpa hydrological semi-distributed model, for an urbanized catchment. Analysis was conducted for the area of Biała River catchment, which is with 60% urbanized. The model used shows good fit of calculated and observed hydrograph as well as statistical model quality measures. Therefore due to assumed simplifications and lack in hydro-meteorological data, it is a need to continue analytical work.

APA style references: Chormański, J., Kardel, I., Mirosław-Świątek, D., Okruszko, T. & Pusłowska-Tyszewska, D. (2012). Semi-distributed model of basin in urban area. Scientific Review Engineering and Environmental Sciences, 21 (1), 3-17.

APA style citation in text: The first time citation in text: (Chormański, Kardel, Mirosław-Świątek, Okruszko & Pusłowska-Tyszewska, 2012), next citation: (Chormański et al., 2012)

Chicago style references: Chormański, Jarosław, Ignacy Kardel, Dorota Mirosław-Świątek, Tomasz Okruszko, Dorota Pusłowska-Tyszewska. "Semi-distributed model of basin in urban area." Scientific Review Engineering and Environmental Sciences, 55 ser., vol. 21, no 1, (2012): 3-17.

Chicago style citation in text: (Chormański et al. 2012)

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