Title: Reduction of the Służew Creek flood flow by small ponds


Keywords: peak flow reduction, detention pond, urban catchment, rainfall-runoff model, flood flow hydrograph

Abstract: The essencial problem of this article is reduction of flood hydrograph by the system of ponds, located in urban catchment of Służew Creek: Berensewicz Ponds, Wyścigi Pond and Służewiecki Pond. The estimations of transformation of the flood hydrographs by reservoir was made with the use of the Puls method. Flood flow hydrograph, generated by rain events of probability of 10% and duration 2 hours in part of the catchment and then in the whole catchment, has been taken into account. The inflow to the Berensewicz Pond has been calculated from measurement inflow-outflow. The results of computation have shown that the reduction rates of flood hydrographs by the reservoires are insufficient for flood protection. Only Berensewicz Pond has significant importance on reduction of the flood flow hydrograph. To improve the efficiency of work system, it is sugessted to consider a designe of hydraulic structure with bottom outfl et and overfl ow at Służewiecki Pond. Proposed solution would be useful, especialy for big flow hydrographs, what has been confirmed by results of computation.

APA style references: Pietrak, M. & Banasik, K. (2009). Reduction of the Służew Creek flood flow by small ponds. Scientific Review Engineering and Environmental Sciences, 18 (4), 22-34.

APA style citation in text: The first time citation in text: (Pietrak & Banasik, 2009), next citation: (Pietrak & Banasik, 2009)

Chicago style references: Pietrak, Małgorzata, Kazimierz Banasik. "Reduction of the Służew Creek flood flow by small ponds." Scientific Review Engineering and Environmental Sciences, 46 ser., vol. 18, no 4, (2009): 22-34.

Chicago style citation in text: (Pietrak, and Banasik 2009)

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